Slot Machine

Slot machines online

The regular customers of modern casino are probably familiar with this type of gaming machines as video slots. This most widespread type of gambling machine can be found everywhere – even in the most ordinary game rooms of small towns. We propose to consider in detail the most interesting facts about the video slot machines, because they are extremely popular not only in the real world, but in the virtual space.

Why online slots are sometimes called “Pokies”?

The Australians are the most risky people in the world. This is demonstrated not only by that one of the most popular video slots “Queen of the Nile” was created by an Australian company, and not even the fact that the number of slot machines in Australia a long time ago  caught up and overtook the USA. The Citizens of the country kangaroo so love to play in slot machines that not only English became rich  thanks to synonyms for these slot machines, but also in Russian language was added the name ‘Pokies”, which denote machine for gambling with a slots and has only Australian roots. The matter is that people in Australia used to call any video gamble machine or “poker” or “video poker”and in colloquial use this word has become firmly established in the plural: «pokies», which in Russian is pronounced as “Pokies.” Australians love so much pokies, that play in it all the time, in clubs and bars. Here it is not surprise that half of income from all gambling business in this country falls to the share of these slot machines.

What is the structure of Australian slots?

The main difference between this type of slots and the usual classical type of slot machines is a video screen, which displays an image of the five reels. Programmed into the machine extra bonuses, as well as the extended functionality of the second screen makes the game in the Australian video slot is simply unforgettable. The gamer receives the excitement from realizing that he has a possibility to play in this machine with the simultaneous use of up to several tens of lines and several hundred ways! Just the thought of how increasing the probability of winning in this game mode, gives a pleasant dizziness. According to statistics, this opinion is totally shared by the majority of gamblers around the world, because it is this feature of Australian Pokies referred to as the main reason for their wide dissemination.